Have you ever been on trial for something?  Big or small.  What was that like for you?  Was it held in a court room or was it something in your life where you had to defend yourself, not knowing what the outcome would be?  In the end, was it worth it?  Trials and tribulations can be a test of our patience and sometimes it seems like they last forever.  How much can one endure?

The trials that I am talking about in this blog are about the ones we live outside the court room with our work, families and friends.  What is the trial you are going through right now, or, what trial did you just go through?  For example, maybe you are trying to prove yourself at your workplace that is causing a conflict which is turning into a trial or you have a friend going through a health issue such as cancer or infertility that is not being solved and each day is a trial for them because of fighting and not knowing what the outcome will be.  The thing about trials is that they raise a very important question, “Who are you really?”  You must answer this question, especially at this moment during the trial because when you define your life as to who you really are, the trial loses power and you win.  Only you can define your life because it’s how you react to it that counts.  The trial actually stands outside of you, ranting and raging trying make you believe that you are the trial.  It holds no more power than we give it.  Trials are merely a moment in time without a heartbeat but you have a heartbeat and several good moments in time.  There is a big difference, it does not define you.

Life is bigger than what we can see with our own eyes.  The beauty of life coaching is that it can help you cope during these trials to find solutions so you can live an inspired life!  Now that’s worth it!  Please feel free to contact me for a free 30 minute coaching session.    -JJ

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