My first Thanksgiving

A big thank you to Bhavya, aka chicwithmessybun ❤ You're amazing 🙂

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A day late with this post but still… it’s better late than never..right?? Anyways.. i want to share this with the world that happiness is found in the most unexpected places. I started this blog a few months back to express my work. It gave me happiness and still makes me happy every time i write a post and the response i get from all of you.. This blogging world introduced me to some interesting people and good friends.. and i want to mention a special blogger for keeping me strong in some very tough times recently. Jennifer Juneau… you’re a superhero.. whatever you went through this year is something you didn’t deserve but you’re a survivor and i know you’ll be more than fine. You’ve inspired me.. helped me to stay strong.. Thank you for always being there for me. You’re the sister i never had. you’re one of…

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