It’s Finally Over


Her view was mostly of his back
He was far too busy to notice, especially her
When  pointed out, he walked away from her
Communication was his weakest link
The emotional abandonment was suffocating and humiliating for her
Being ignored was the worst empty feeling of all
She felt alone and excluded,  yet she was with him
The sting of emotional betrayal was overwhelming and nauseating
How could this be happening after everything she gave him
Gone was her independence and confidence during those years
Sadly her efforts to impress went unnoticed
Yet somehow he still benefited from the results
Her head hurt from banging it against the wall
Begging for his attention
She felt she didn’t exist and unimportant, at least with him
Schedules, impressions, ego were his priorities
Invitations elsewhere were taken with pleasure
Decided and enjoyed, leaving her behind
She felt she didn’t have a choice which took away her voice

Until one day a job opportunity came for her in a faraway land
An opportunity not just for her but for the family
To be treated like a queen and highly rewarded for all her hard work
He encouraged her to pursue this adventure
The spotlight had shifted from him to her
It was finally her turn to do more, have more
The law of divine compensation was at play
However, seething jealousy swept in
Robbed her of this happiness, this chance of a lifetime
What did he do?
He backed out, refusing this opportunity for himself
Advised her to go alone
His world was far too important to leave behind and support her in this quest
These foolish games were killing her and them
She was so tired of feeling alone
Betrayal came in many forms and shattered her heart one crack at a time
His jealousy and control were building daily over her

That’s when everything changed…
She realized this was not about her but all about him
Like all the other times he abandoned her

And then…. it happened, the day after Valentine’s

A hurling punch of ultimate betrayal slapped her across the face with brute force
Causing physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual harm to her body and soul
He took away Everything from her world
Her cracked heart was broken, bleeding and wailing
The invisible crown she wore fell, and crashed into a wall
Jewels she collected over the years shattered into a million pieces
Lifelessly falling to the floor,  she tried to pick them one by one
Screaming, reaching and crying a river of tears
Every act of control on his part felt like she was being strangled tighter and tighter
He was kicking her while she was down; the pain was excruciating
She was unable to get off this emotional roller coaster ride
And it was sucking the life out of her
Her world was rapidly spinning out of control into a downward tornado spiral
She knew this was the end but failed to realize
It was also her new beginning…

Gradually, she picked herself off the floor
Had no idea she was in the driver’s seat
She could finally break free and live her life the way it was intended
With people who care and make time for her in their busy schedule
And don’t take advantage of her good nature
Friends and family gathered round, carried her when she couldn’t walk
Resisted sleep all night until sunrise; stayed and talked with her
Buried the darkness when she needed the light
Spoke for her when she couldn’t speak
Listened when she finally found her voice and the words
Dried her tears when they wouldn’t stop flowing
Made her laugh and smile to cut through the pain
Encouraged her to shake and pound it out through exercise
Books, quotes and songs repaired her soul one phrase at a time
Hugs and virtual hugs meant everything to her
Friends and family became her strength, her lifeline, her everything
Standing by her side through every mind controlling appointment and conversation
Taking her shopping and moving her into her new palace
Helping to re-attach the shining jewels to her invisible crown
And wearing it like a boss knowing she’s worth it, dammit
While carrying on courageously and not missing a beat in her life
Rising strong like a hero and not a poor victim
Pouring out her emotions and detoxifying her soul through writing
Connecting with more friends around the world that inspire and support her
Skype, Hangouts, texts and social media bring friends who are far, close to her heart
She doesn’t feel alone or ignored anymore, she is smiling
Her heart and mind are open, she can breathe again

Finally she disembarks this wild emotional roller coaster ride
Thanking her guardian angels for riding along side with her
This girl is on fire now and has her strength back and more
She walks into the appointment with her pen in hand
Signs the document that changes her life forever and for the better
Her inked signature says it all loud and clear
It’s finally over.
And this time…
She walks away with her back to him for the very first time
And rocks it


** A special thanks to Darshith for letting me borrow his awesome idea of adding music to my blog 😉 **Thank you** 🙂 Since this post has a before and after, I chose two songs; Foolish Games by Jewel and Brand New Me by Alicia Keys.  Thank you for reading and listening, I know it was long but I just had to get it all out, turn my back, close the door, walk away and move on.  Enjoy the music…Life is beautiful.  We’re all human.

Love, Thanks and Hugs to You,


47 thoughts on “It’s Finally Over

  1. Congratulations Superwoman.. you’re an inspiration to all those who think that life has lost its charm when someone leaves you behind, alone and shattered. You’ve been through pain and your heart has survived betrayal.. You’re one of the most wonderful person I’ll ever know.. God bless you love.. Always there for you..

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  2. There are many things that I wanna say, but in one sentence I would like to say that IRS an end of a chapter but it’s not the end of the book .. Life is long with full of surprises…. and you being a supperoman you deserve a big congratulations… and we all have faith n trust in you that all success, happiness is waiting for you…
    May god bless you…

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  3. Ironically, I found your writing to be quite melodic so when you mentioned that you added music to your blog, I had to do a double-take. This is an incredible piece of work! Dear brave, courageous lady, thank you for sharing so much with us. “The journey continues…” indeed. 😉

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  4. When I started reading I thought it as fiction but as I proceeded I realized the words belonged to the soul writing this …After reading you I realized how tough times could be for people 😦 So when you have a partner who consider you as his center you are one lucky soul 🙂 And for you darling ❤ the tornado is over ..the rest is a smoothing sail 🙂 I am so proud of you 🙂 that you just not only overcame the hurdles life through at you but you are coaching people to pass their hurdles smoothly 🙂 Kudos for you darling ❤ Keep smiling like always 🙂 Blessing for you ❤

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    • NJ ❤ thank you so very much for this emotional comment. I love what you said about smooth sailing, I'm looking forward to that now. To be honest I think coaching has actually helped me in being able to deal with all this. I can see things with a different perspective and when I help others it makes me happier. I have great coaching friends too who have listened to me endlessly 🙂 I'm so happy we are connected and I wish that you get everything and more in life! ❤ God bless you NJ and thank you again 🙂

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  5. Jen:

    What a well written piece. Both Katy Lou and I were very touched when we read it. It took a lot of courage to share these feelings with the “world”. . . and for that I’m very proud of you. God Bless Dad

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  6. You had cut the river, you had bulit the bridge.. And now you’ve walked over it. Moving strong with a shine. 😊

    For writing a comment, and reading what I’ve wrote, needs a lot of scrolling.. People have loved you so much and I can see especially the girl of whom you talk about, Bhavya

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    • The earlier comment got automatically posted without my words getting flooded! 😄 lol

      So! Bhavya’s comment sums it all, Superwomen. 😉

      Wishes for you! Rock the world, as you have always been rocking. There are many magic boxes around! Believe. 😊

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      • 😉 that’s ok. Bhavya is so cute calling me this nick name all the time. I’m not sure how to live up to this title, it’s funny at times. Thank you though all the same 🙂 I’ll try and keep rocking, staying positive and believing 🙂 Thanks for reading my post and for your comments 🙂

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  7. Will listen the songs tomorrow 🙂 Thank you for mentioning me in your post 😀 it’s not a copyrighted idea though 😛 I got the idea from Sonny 😉 Good that you’re out of the dark cave whose smell and aura you didn’t like.. Now as you’re out in the open and the world is all yours to conquer so go ahead and enjoy each bit of it 🙂 Sleep well and enjoy life Jenny 😉

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