Tony Robbins: The “Why Guy”


If you aren’t familiar with famous life coach Tony Robbins, allow me to introduce him to you.  He’s not a motivational speaker, he’s the “why guy.”  Why do we do the things we do?  What drives us?  What are your belief systems that prevent you from living a full life?  What does it take to get something done?  Some people just don’t have a strategy; they’re lost.  It’s not that they aren’t trying to achieve their goal, it’s just they’re moving in the wrong direction.  It’s like running east looking for a sunset and not being able to find it.

That person gets an A for effort but what they really need is a map.

It’s the weekend so time to relax, grab a coffee, sit back and take 20 minutes to listen to this why guy with the raspy fast talking voice and see what he has to say about how emotion is the driving force behind what we do.

*Warning…he does swear every now and then, but I will hold him accountable for that…

Have a great weekend,

Jen 🙂

18 thoughts on “Tony Robbins: The “Why Guy”

  1. Loved it. The first research on emotion began by Damasio, followed by today Goleman…

    This is just great, thanks for sharing!!!
    God bless !

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