Once a captive, now I’m free!

Anand is one of my fellow blogging friends from India who asks us to send in a 6 word phrase each week and he compiles them while creating this amazing poem from people all over the world. None of us know what the other person is writing but it always turns out so amazing! If you would like to check out his blog it is https://blabberwockying.wordpress.com/2015/12/01/once-a-captive-now-im-free/comment-page-1/#comment-9551
Thanks Anand! Love and Light ‚̧ ūüôā

absolutely bunkum!


Once a captive, now I’m free. 

Snow, doubts, smile, heart, horse, fun! 

Hold on; for one more day. 

No time to waste in formalities 

Sun and wind, burn and free! 

Be grateful, be thankful, be contented. 

I woke up to live life! 

Try to understand and love everyone. 

Words dancing at the dozen: halved 

Every night she dreams of travelling 

Lost love, too late for discovery. 

I wait for Wade to wave 

Hope they enjoy the perfect life 

He sulked alone until they conceded. 

These feelings I keep to myself 

Togetherness leads to actual mutual bonding 

I wish I could stop worrying 

Will it be longer or shorter? 

They knew there was no option 

Let us slay all negative notions

Loud as a fair dare darling!

No silence for my busy brain

And then, she was set free! 


  • This is a group event. 23 entries were included this week.¬†
  • Entries are sent to my‚Ķ

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