Dedication To Future Mothers


She’s a beautiful, caring woman
Supportive friends, family and husband surround her
She’s popular in her work and is loved by all
And like many women, she is longing to have a baby
But is unable to do so naturally; she feels alone
She dreams of babies, sees them everywhere she goes
Reminders are everywhere
Special occasions are difficult especially Mother’s Day and Father’s Day
Friends become pregnant and she celebrates this with them
While she goes home to pray that she will be fortunate like them one day
Every passing month is a roller coaster trying, waiting, disappointment
This doesn’t stop her, it motivates her to keep going
Years of intense fertility treatments go by
And this woman is still standing strong
Yet at the same time, cries herself to sleep at night
Visualizing that tiny face she longs for
People make comments which come across as unsupportive
Behind that smile are layers of pain that nobody understands
It’s a lot to endure over the years when she gives her all every single time
Often in silence with bruises on her body and heart
And no explanation as to why it isn’t happening yet
Everyone is dealing with something difficult
But this is unbearable some days
With every negative test, hope still exists
Her perseverance and determination pull her through to try again
Nothing can stop her
In chasing her dream of becoming a mother
Miracles happen every day
Here’s hoping and praying your miracle comes sooner than later
You are absolutely amazing…


“When you’re going through hell, keep going” ~Winston Churchill


**Note:  This blog is dedicated to all the friends, patients, and women I’ve known and cared for who try so hard to conceive a baby through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).  It’s a scary path these women take, they are Bravehearts through and through and I am always amazed at their perseverance and determination in chasing after their dream of becoming a future mother.  At all costs.

Bravo to all of you and your significant others who stand by your side.

So Much Love,


25 thoughts on “Dedication To Future Mothers

  1. That’s sounds so real. I have seen many such women…yearning to be mothers. Waiting for years and miracles happened to them…sometimes doubled. I just wish to GOD to LET there be a baby cry in every house for after that life changes it’s meaning… for betterment.

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  2. Great support you’re to everyone and by writing this poem you have proved it again 🙂 We all are unique and some help is also required to endure the pain we face. People like yourself don’t think twice for offering help 😉

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    • Thank you Darshith for such a kind comment. 🙂 Helping people is an innate characteristic of mine and when I see people suffering I run towards them instead of away 🙂 I’m always happy to help 😉 And thank you for the retweet, it shows even more support for these women 🙂

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