3 Day 3 Quote Challenge Round 2


I have recently been nominated for another 3 quote 3 day challenge by one of my new friends and followers Gursimran Kaur and her blog titled Rum n Raisins http://gursimrankaur16.com/  Just the name of her blog makes me think of rum raisin ice cream which makes me hungry! 🙂 Gursimran is a young aspiring blogger who wants to work for peace, become the most amazing lawyer, travel the world, follow her bliss and live her dream!  She is truly an inspiration, please feel free to check out her blog and follow her.

I am a huge quote person so this challenge is more about narrowing my thousands of choices down to three per day! For today, I will be sharing quotes by Rumi who is an inspiration to me.  So here we go.


“Close your eyes, fall in love, stay there”


“Listen with ears of tolerance, See through eyes of compassion, Speak with the language of love”


“I am yours.  Don’t give myself back to me”


I am changing the nomination rules to anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in this 3 day 3 quote challenge.  I look forward to reading more and adding them to my massive collection.  😉


Much Love,



8 thoughts on “3 Day 3 Quote Challenge Round 2

  1. Hello Jen,

    When are you leaving for India? 😀

    I love these quotes, especially the third one as it is new to me!

    I am following Gursimran now. Thanks for introducing.

    Happy weekend. Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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