The Beauty of Solo Travel


How brave are you?  Have you ever dreamed of taking off and traveling to a new and exciting place?


I’m here to tell you that it’s possible and I did it.  I just got back from a solo travel trip to India for 3 weeks and I would do it again in a heartbeat ❤

There are many benefits to traveling solo and I’d like to share what I found with you.

  1. It’s empowering. You gain self-confidence very quickly and your world opens up even more, literally.  Not only that your common sense becomes greater
  2. TIME. You have it all to yourself and it’s what everyone dreams about having more of.  There is no need to share an agenda, you can sleep, eat and do what you want when and where you want.  You also have the time to reflect on your life and discover things about yourself you never even knew.  It’s a great time for personal growth and development
  3. Teaches you patience and flexibility in unexpected situations and you become more accepting of others and their way of living. Your mind and heart opens up to the Universe
  4. Your problem-solving skills will sharpen even more. Getting around town becomes a fun challenge on your own and suddenly you are listening to your intuition more, I also became more spiritual
  5. You gain a new perspective on life and become grateful for everything you have
  6. You love those around you even more
  7. You begin to lower your expectations of how things should be and learn to go with the flow more. Your positive energy attracts positive people
  8. I found people to be very approachable with me and I was to them. I was being treated like I was some kind of celebrity for the first time!  I received many freebie things like food along the way, great conversations, advice of what to see in the area.  Very friendly people are out there, you just need to flash a nice smile sometimes 😉
  9. You gain respect and admiration from those around you for your courage and if you have kids, you are setting a good example for them because they see that anything is possible if you want it bad enough
  10. You make wonderful memories with wonderful people around the world and nobody can take this experience of a lifetime away from you

There will always be some people who will try to deter you from traveling solo but you have to remember they are projecting their fears on you.  Some said “you are a single woman” (yes), “it’s going to be dangerous” (how do they know), “you should go with someone, not alone” (that defeats the entire purpose of solo travel).  My response, I booked my tickets, packed my bags excessively and boarded the 14 hour flight from Toronto, Canada to Delhi, India on January 1st, 2016.  What a great day and way to kick off 2016!

For me, this was a trip of healing for personal reasons and it was to see my close blogging friends that I have a strong connection with in person who are all over India.  Piyusha, Shambhavi, Bhavya, Darshith, Neerja, Dinesh, Chandrajit, Srinath, Kriti and many others I couldn’t meet were the many reasons I had to go.  I felt like the Universe aligned and brought me to WordPress so I could write my thoughts and feelings out there and attract such amazing people into my life.  Then it was so generous to give me this opportunity to travel and meet everyone in person, making our connections stronger than ever.  I am so grateful and if I can say one thing, I will say this; listen to your wants, not everyone else’s around you because it’s your life, not theirs.  At the end of the day, you need to live it.

How was it?

Amazing, inspiring, life changing, delicious, fun and a must for everyone to do once in their lifetime.  India is a beautiful place to go and heal your soul because it’s a spiritual and peaceful place but at the same time a chaotic one that not only changes your mind but also your perspective on life for the better.  This was my way of pushing the “reset button” or “refresh button” on my life so I could come back home and continue to help others and myself in a healthier way.

One of the most beautiful things I learned from life is that in order to find yourself, you need to lose yourself first.  And sometimes in the middle of nowhere is where you end up finding yourself, for me it was in India.  By listening to your intuition it will give you answers but in order to hear it you need to get quiet and alone because it’s only a whisper inside you.  Reflecting on this will guide you in the best possible direction that is right for you and that’s called soul speak, which is the beauty of solo travel.

So much love to everyone in India, thank you for the visits and memories and because of WordPress this was made possible.  I’d like to change the name to WorldPress, FriendPress, LovePress, FunPress, DreamPress, InspirationPress, I think you get the idea….

Much love to you,


91 thoughts on “The Beauty of Solo Travel

  1. dear jennifer !!have u go rajasthan?there have to be a festival”Maru Mhotsave .u willl dt so much summer season ( may n june ,)go kashmir .its cool n fresh wind fresh up feel dt miracle attarect u.u will forget youself n realige more spirituality there’s climat will make u more spiritual.sure.

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  2. I definitely agree that travelling alone is wonderful, amazing experience. I sort of did this when I was 21, when I packed my bags and left for Guangzhou, China, for an exchange semester. First time ever out of Europe, I met and made friends with amazing people who I think and hope will be my long-distance friends for life.

    I recommend this to everybody. Ever thinking about travelling abroad but afraid of something that’s stopping you? DON’T BE, and JUST GO!

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    • That’s an amazing story about you leaving for China at such a young age all on your own. Kudos to you. Having friends you met along the way is the best. Thanks for sharing and recommending it to the readers 😀


  3. You were in India 🙂 That is so great! Hope you made yourself at home here… There is a spirit which isn’t present anywhere.

    Your post came at the right time – I needed that one final push to book my first solo travel this year – visiting a place in Himachal. Thank you so much! It is now happening!

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    • Prajakta!!! ❤ I cannot believe what I am reading right now, I'm so proud of you!!! You go girl and enjoy every single minute of your solo travel trip to Himachal 😀 I am honored that I helped you book your ticket please let me and all of us know how it goes. I loved my trip to India and yes, there is a spirit which isn't present anywhere, except there. xoxo


  4. It was such nice and inspiring blog 🙂 I am glad that I was part of your this journey ❤ You have inspired me in so many ways 🙂 You are full of love and warmth that's why you got so much love on your trip 🙂 Solo Traveling is certainly on my to do list 😉

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  5. The transformation can be seen after this tour. From Jennifer to Jen.. to Jenny.. sounds good. Solo travelling I feel is more like meeting your own-self by travelling alone, you find a best friend in you & that is also amazing. You laugh at your own jokes, you get sad when you do something doltish. 😀
    India has always been great, we have loved & are blessed to be part of it. Happy that you enjoyed every bit of it, had bags full of memories to cherish later.
    Hope you smile when you think of this tour in your future. 🙂 Thank you!!

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    • Thank you so much Ankit! 🙂 Yes many of my Indian friends prefer to call me Jenny so it’s interesting you picked up on that 🙂 I like it. I also like your perspective about meeting yourself while travelling alone, this is very true. You live in a beautiful country and I have many great memories from my trip that make me smile everyday. 😀 Thank you for your support 🙂

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  6. How beautiful and inspiring, as always. I am gladder (if that is a word) that i met you. Big shout out to wordpress for alligning us all together! Happiest that you loved your trip. I love you and can’t wait to see you in Canada, sometime soon! God willingly.

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    • Thank you sweet Shambhavi 🙂 WordPress has connected so many great people it’s amazing. It was so fun shopping with you and Piyusha in Delhi and yes I loved everything about my trip. Lots of love to you too and yes come to Canada once your studies are finished so we can celebrate 😀

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  7. Hey Jennifer. I am glad you had wonderful time in India. Traveling solo is my preferred way, you meet more people, see more stuff and have more interesting experiences, it’s an excellent way to become more independent. The freedom of doing whatever you like all of the time appeals the most to you I think.
    Thanks for a great post Jennifer!

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    • Hey Aishwariya great to see you! Thank you so much for your lovely comments and support in solo travel. I’m happy to know you also love it 🙂 I need to get caught up on your blogs now that I’m back ❤

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  8. How well you have listed down the positive Jennifer! I agree with all of them. Yes, it teaches you to have patience, explore alternatives, remain positive, not to whine and to appreciate small things that you have in life. Another step towards knowing yourself – likes and dislikes better. It is wonderful to know that you got this experience during your trip to India. 🙂

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  9. It is my dream to solo travel to a country like India. I have done plenty of solo travel in the US but I feel like it’s a completely different experience in a country like India. Thank you for the inspiration!

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    • Hello and thank you for your lovely comment! 😍 I have traveled solo many times as well and I agree with you that it makes you grow in so many ways that nobody can ever take away from you ❤ I will definitely check out your blogs and thank you for visiting mine 😊😊


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