3 Day Quote Challenge-Day 3

Hi Everyone!  I’m really excited about being nominated for another quote challenge and this time it’s by a very young, sweet blogger from England named Molly.  Her writings are not only entertaining but also based on real life topics and she’s also a great photographer.  I really liked her post 50 things to know about me.  She has a lot in common with many of you because she’s a Game of Thrones fan, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fan and Harry Potter enthusiast!  It’s a joy to read her writings please check out her site.

For today’s quotes I will be basing them on Caroline Myss and her views on healing.  She is an amazing author and spiritual person who helped me bounce back tremendously ❤

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I am nominating anyone and everyone for this quote challenge, please feel free to participate, it’s really fun!  Thank you again to Molly for nominating me for this quote challenge!

Much Love,


23 thoughts on “3 Day Quote Challenge-Day 3

  1. Wow Jennifer, such beautiful quotes by Caroline on the concept of healing. Can connect with them in a deeper aspect. First quote focuses on calming the inner self and third quote focuses on changing our outer self by changing attitudes! nice. Thanks for sharing. Have a great time. 🙂

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  2. Caroline Myss quotes are real, l can identify with all her quotes. It has helped me to move on from pain in the past. Thanks for bringing it up Jennifer, it’s a good reminder for people like me, who hates to drown in sorrow.

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    • Thank you so much Mary for your kind words 🙂 We have Caroline Myss in common too ❤ I agree with you, she is amazing with her quotes and so helpful during times like these. I saw her when she came to Toronto at an "I Can Do It" conference. They are held in Canada and USA if you ever get the chance to go, many inspirational people like her are guest speakers there. So glad we are both better now 🙂


  3. Thanks for the information. Listening to Caroline Myss speak in person will be the icing on the cake for me. Please alert me whenever you’re aware she will be speaking in England or North America, preferably England. l will surely attend if my schedule permits me. It gives me joy to listen when such positive people speak. You go home from such conference feeling lighter at heart. Thanks Jennifer, you’re always been nice and warm. People who are close to you are lucky to have you.

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    • Mary you brighten my day with each comment you give thank you so much. You have such a big heart it’s so nice to know you. I will definitely let you know about Caroline Myss. You’re right about feeling light after hearing inspirational speakers. I was light as a feather for days after.

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  4. Love these quotes, Jennifer. I have done all the things in the healing column. And I get the point that changing our attitudes is probably the most challenging thing of all. Best wishes for the week ahead.

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    • Thank you very much Sabiscuit for your comment! You are so brave to have done all the things in the healing column, that’s wonderful 🙂 Yes our attitudes can be the challenging part but the good news is that we have the power to change it. Thanks for stopping by and you too have a great week ahead 🙂


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