Life Coaching (A to Z Challenge)

One of the things I do aside from being a nurse is life coaching.  The transition from nursing to life coaching is a natural one because they are both helping professions and as a nurse I’ve had to wear a coaching hat at times (figuratively speaking) 😉

For today’s post I thought I would be brave and try out a vlog about what life coaching is all about instead of writing about it.  Please bear with me, I hope you enjoy it and I welcome your thoughts or feedback on it 😀

Enjoy ❤


25 thoughts on “Life Coaching (A to Z Challenge)

  1. I realized i didn’t comment here. Now that i have known you so well i instantly comment on whatsapp and fb 🙂 So totally missed it here. It was so good to see a vlog from you 🙂 It was very personal indeed and very informative. Never knew that life coaching is totally different from other kinds of therapy…hmmm!!! Now i know whom to contact when i feel low.. 🙂 Would love to see more videos from you Jenni ❤ and you looked so good.

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  2. Oh my God!! ❤ Jen, that was an awesome video blog from you, I loved it! First Darshith stuns me with it and now you. Wow, this is totally amazing ❤ I was first surprised by your smooth stance and easy flow of words, then remembered you would have had a lot of experience and that's where your wonderful posture and soothing smile came from ❤ And I love your voice! It was almost exactly as I imagined it would be! 😀 Freaky, right 😛 Anyway, coming to the crux of what you delivered, it was so understandable and so excellently explained. I loved the examples you used as well ❤ Keep going, Jen, don't you stop with video blogging either! Awesome job! ❤

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    • Deepika I’m so happy you liked the vlog ❤❤ Darshith started a trend and I thought that speaking about life coaching would be easier than writing about it 😀 Your comments about my stance and voice makes me smile big and next time I will make it a little shorter 😊 That’s so funny your thoughts on my voice were true!! I appreciate your comments as always my sweet friend 😘😘


  3. From seeking for advises to finding the answers of the questions related to one’s life – that’s really motivating and challenging Jenny! You have precisely made up your point and you have also elucidated all the minute details about the life coaching. I know a life coach just need a smiling face in return and that’s the greatest job in the world 🙂

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    • Thank you very much Dileep for leaving such a nice comment 🙂 I’m happy you got so much out of this video, that definitely makes me smile 😀 I think it’s necessary for people to know what coaching is not so they can understand what it is 😉 Life coaching is inspiring for both sides which is why I love it so much and you’re right it is one of the greatest jobs in the world 🙂

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