Piloxing (A to Z Challenge)


Do you like group fitness classes?  Yes?  Well you are going to love Piloxing®!

Piloxing LLC was developed in 2009 by Swedish dancer and celebrity Viveca Jensen who believes that every individual is powerful and can attain the self-image they want by taking charge of their life.

Piloxing® involves upbeat dance music that makes you burn maximum calories, build lean muscles and increase your stamina.  It incorporates boxing, dance and standing pilates principles while creating a sense of balance both physically and mentally.  I love doing this work out every week because it’s empowering and I feel the burn every time 🙂

You can do the class in bare feet with or without the weighted gloves which give extra resistance for arm strength training.  Whether you are doing the standing or floor exercises you have to think long and lean at all times because that’s what Piloxing® does to your body over time so bend and stretch those arms and legs!

At the end of every class we do three separate moves while yelling:



You have to try it out it’s so fun and gives awesome results!!


Much Love ❤


*All images courtesy of Google

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