Sisters I never had :D

A beautiful blog post by my two soul sisters, Pratyusha and Bhavya ❤ ❤ I love you girls!!! xoxo Distance doesn't mean anything when you have love and friendship ❤ ❤


So here’s a special post by a guest blogger by Bhavya Mishra. 🙂
It’s a heartfelt rendition for the sisters!!!
This is nothing less than an award of love for me 😛
Love you loads honey bun. Always stay happy!!! Muahhh

Here’s the surprise for You Jennifer !!!!!! Keep your tissue papers ready Jen !! 😀
P.S. : Do check out their amazing and marvellous blogs 🙂

We sure are sisters by Soul We sure are sisters by Soul

Hello everyone.. Soooooo Pratyusha(P.. as i call her) asked me to write something for her blog months ago and being the lazy mess i am i kept her waiting for so long..(sorry for keeping you waiting and thank you being so patient with me love). Let’s get started.

Sisters.. i have read so many quotes about sisters and how precious they are.. i never really knew what it meant or how it felt to have a…

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