Transformation Is A Beautiful Thing


Inspiration can be found in many corners of our life and in the lives of others.  Life is in motion at all times and if we stop and pay attention, that’s when we notice inspiring moments, people, places, and things.  Personally, one of the greatest things I love to see is how someone can transform themselves from being in a negative state to becoming their own superhero.  It’s not about winning a popularity contest but about being the best version of yourself after struggling with something so difficult for so long and coming out of it beautifully.

When I think about transformation, I think of metaphors because what metaphors can do is open our mind to a new perspective and deeper understanding of the potential transformation.  It’s like a window or a doorway we can move through and find ways to relate it to our situation.

‘Meta’ means over and beyond and in transformation, it is over and beyond reality.  My favorite metaphor of all is the caterpillar becoming a butterfly through the power of metamorphosis because one step over and beyond the caterpillar, the butterfly emerges.  In life when we try to step beyond a belief, behavior, fear or circumstance, a metaphor can transform a person ‘s perspective and trigger their values which allow them to step into joy in their life.

For example, a person who has a fear of public speaking may be struggling inside this cocoon for some time but wants to overcome it through transformation.  Just the mere thought of having to get up and speak to a few or many people can start the heart palpitations and make someone freeze right in their tracks because of stage fright.  This person’s main goal is to avoid public speaking and social events at all costs, mainly because they are shy.  The struggle is within their own mind and trying to silence the  negative voice.

I was speaking with a friend recently and he said not only can shyness get in the way but add a language barrier on top of everything and you’ve got yourself a fearful scenario.  I can only imagine how hard and uncomfortable that must feel to be around people you can’t connect with.  He gave an example where his workplace required them to do impromptu group speeches in front of everyone and his first instinct was to run and hide but since he wanted to transform his fear into something more comfortable, he remembered the first lesson from the book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey.

Be Proactive.

In this lesson, Covey talks about taking responsibility for your own life and stresses the importance of focusing your time and energy on the things you have control over in life.  In a matter of minutes, my friend took this lesson and applied it to his own life right before facing one of the most fearful things; public speaking.  He changed his self-talk from negative to positive saying “Don’t freeze, focus on the audience instead of your own awkwardness, think of how you would want to see a speaker, put yourself in the shoes of the audience and see yourself from their perspective so you can transform your fear into something you love.  Imagine yourself being courageous even if you think you aren’t.  Be yourself, no stress or pressure, you are surrounded by friends.  Learn to laugh at yourself, life is too serious, be imperfect so people can connect, enjoy yourself and live outside your comfort zone.”

He stood up and managed to convince himself of everything he said and faced his fear by talking about his imperfections by making jokes with the audience.  People were laughing with him, and it gave a soaring boost to his self-confidence which made him continue even more.  He felt both shocked and happy with himself that day because it was a life changing moment, a real transformation where he struggled so long with negative self-talk but in the end after all that hard work, he emerged beautifully like a butterfly.  What a perfect example of going over and beyond his reality and honoring the value of courage.

More times than not, we struggle in our minds and hearts about who we are and about how we want other people to see us. We wrestle with worthiness and shame all at the same time when really we all belong together and we are more similar than we are different.

When I asked him how he felt about that day he said “It changed my outlook towards socializing, facing fears, being vulnerable, handling pressure situations and making friends in general.  And every victory I have had since that day, I attribute to this one act of mine where I overcame myself.  And, needless to say, making friends has been not as difficult as I feared since that day.  I survived.”

Bravo my friend for daring to live courageously, keep rockin’ the shark fin 😉

Transformation is a beautiful thing.

“How does one become a butterfly?  You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.”  ~Trina Paulus


Much Love ❤

26 thoughts on “Transformation Is A Beautiful Thing

  1. A very inspiring post dear 🙂 Very well said that the fear is within 🙂 if the war within is won than winning the outside world is bit easy 🙂 Thanks for sharing this story 🙂

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  2. What a wonderful post! I would like to read it again and again. Yes, as you said, it is about the moment when you decide that you want to transform that makes all the difference. Your friend was brave enough to put those words into action & overcome his fears. Many people can’t do that even though they know what they must.

    I remember period of one dark year, when I constantly struggled to generate one spark of light. I continuosly commanded myself that I not only have to get up from the fall, but run and eventually fly, and not just fly but fly higher and higher. I am not the same person i was earlier. But i am a better version of myself. And I’m loving it! On 21 Jun 2016 05:59, “Dare To Live Courageously…” wrote:

    > Jennifer Juneau posted: ” Inspiration can be found in many corners of our > life and in the lives of others. Life is in motion at all times and if we > stop and pay attention, that’s when we notice inspiring moments, people, > places, and things. Personally, one of the greatest thin” >

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    • Mana, thank you so much for sharing your story here with us. That’s fantastic you were able to get up from your fall and fly again, a very difficult thing to do when the energy is low but you did it and as you said, you are not the same person but now you are a better version of yourself. Kudos to you ❤ I'm really happy you connected with this post, I think we all need some good personal bravery stories in our life, not just to inspire others but also ourselves 🙂 Yes my friend is also a very brave person 🙂 Thank you for leaving such a nice comment, have a great day.

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  3. Powerful, inspiring post. Transformation is a part of life. How we evolve as we experience the good and the bad is essential to our maturity and ahppiness. I often use the metaphor of women being butterflies. So, many envision themselves as ugly ducking, always concetrating on their own faults, instead of accepting the beauty they possess.
    Great write, Jennifer. So happy to see you posted.

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  4. Too inspiring jennifer, transformation is a part of our life, if someone not transform, they don’t grow, transformation comes from experiences, and experiences leads to maturity.Nice post…..

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  5. Just when the Caterpillar thought the world is over, it became a butterfly. 🙂
    This was a courage coach post. Beautiful, what can be said. A weekend, time to have some time to hover over posts. 🙂
    Have a good day!

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    • Ankit, thank you so much for saying it was a courage coach post 🙂 I enjoyed writing it for this very reason because transformation takes a lot of courage. It’s good to see you, I’m glad you stopped by to read my post this weekend 🙂 You too have a great day!

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  6. Hi Jenny 😘❤, This is such an amazing post. Most of the times, we end up reading lot of self help books but don’t end up implementing. Your friend indeed showed the presence of mind to use the detailing read by him from that famous book. It’s true that half the batters are won when you win over your fears which lie deep within. I have a similar story about myself w.r.t. transformation. Will share soon 😍. Loved your post muahhh ❤

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    • Thank you very much Pratyusha ❤ yes the work always lies in the action steps!! 😀 My friend is all about taking them too 😊 I would love to hear about your story too and please share with me soon 😘😘 xo

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  7. That’s indeed an inspiring post ! You are right…Self love is difficult and can be attained only through sheer practice. Yes, one must pretend to be brave sometimes as well. transformation from the person you were at one time into a new person is indeed something beautiful thing to experience 🙂

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