3 Day 3 Quote Challenge-Day 1

It’s time for another exciting round of quotes and since I am a huge lover of them, it’s my pleasure to pick some that really speak to me 🙂

First, I would like to thank my sweet and adorable WordPress friend Deepika Kumaaraguru from India for nominating me in this 3 day 3 quote challenge! If you haven’t visited her blog yet, YOU MUST!

She’s an amazing person who has accomplished so much in her life so far at such a young age.  She’s a published author who has written 2 books before her 20’s, a fellow Disney fan like myself and a lover of Zumba as well 😛  Her sense of humor is awesome and her comments on my blog are extremely motivating and fun to read, she cracks me up every time!  I hope I can meet you soon Deepika darling ❤

So here we go, let’s have some fun on day 1 😉

The rules are:

  1. Post three quotes each for three days
  2. Nominate three bloggers with no repetition
  3. Thank the person who nominated you





So there you have it, if you haven’t tried a Zumba class yet, YOU SHOULD!  It’s so much fun and don’t worry if you aren’t coordinated because nobody is in the beginning and everyone is in their own bubble not watching you.  Not only will you get in shape but you’ll have a blast doing it and your self-confidence will increase too.

I nominate anyone and everyone!!  Thanks again Deepika ❤

Much Love ❤




13 thoughts on “3 Day 3 Quote Challenge-Day 1

  1. Wow. Wow. Just wow! 😍😚 Kick-starting the challenge with the most active and healthy quotes can only be thought by you, Jen! I especially loved that first one! Girl power at its best! ❤ And you do have an essence of Taylor Swift in the third one! 😍 'I'm just gonna, shake, shake, shake! Shake It Off!' Awesome, darling, keep rocking! ❤

    Thank you so much for your beautiful words about me, Jen, they really struck me speechless. I'm so glad to have you in my life, darling ❤ Really can't wait for the day we'll meet!! Please come back to India soon! Much love XOXO

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha!! 😀 There’s those Deepika comments I was talking about! 😉 ❤ You just made my morning dear! I also love the first quote, it's empowering for us girls 😉 So glad you could also see some Taylor Swift in the last one too 😉

      I will add more descriptive words about you on the next post and same with the third so stay tuned! ❤ Hope to come back to India and see you soon. Much love to you too XOXO ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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