This Is India 2017-Part One


Saturday, February 4th, 2017 – Ottawa-London-Mumbai, India

I am finally writing my blog about my trip to India, it’s been a crazy month of March with a new job, finalizing my book, and getting back to normal from the jet lag.  Thank you for your patience.  So let’s begin!

Feb. 4th at 7 pm, my great friend Helene drove me to the Ottawa airport and my kids came with me to give me a loving send off.  I was traveling solo again because of the time of year and the kids had exams to write but I wanted to make sure they would be with me when I left so we could have the maximum amount of time together.  They are so amazing, understanding and loving towards me, all they want is for me to be happy and I am.  Next time I go to India, they are coming with me for sure.  I was also happy to have Helene with me because she always lightens the mood if it gets emotional and she was there not only for me but also for my kids.  Thank you so much, Helene!! XO

I boarded the flight and slept most of the way to London, Heathrow.  Once I arrived I texted the kids to let them know I was safe and en route, then I texted my friends in India.   Heathrow is such a nice airport I wandered around during my layover and then boarded the next flight to Mumbai.  I sat beside the most adorable couple who were in their late 70’s and they were big jazz fans and lovers of Mercedes cars!  We talked the entire flight and had so much fun, I felt like I knew them for so long.

It was 4 a.m. IST on Monday, February 6th, when I landed in Mumbai, India and all I could do was grab a cab, go to the hotel and sleep!  I arrived at the Sheraton Vashi, slept for 5 hours, ate breakfast, slept for another 6 hours, ate supper then relaxed for the night.  My blogging friend Vineet arrived to welcome me to India and we had a good time chatting about many things and made plans for the next day.


I stayed in Mumbai for two more days and I spent my time at the hotel pool, touring Mumbai with Vineet by foot, cab, and train while eating in many great places.  We had so much fun going around and I can’t believe how big a city it is!  We went to South Mumbai and ate at Leopold Café which was really fun 🙂  I always felt like a celebrity whenever I went to a restaurant, the wait staff are always men and they are not afraid to ask me questions as to why I am visiting.  I explain “to visit friends, attend 2 weddings and relax.”  They found that so interesting because I was solo and I enjoyed answering their questions just to see their response.  Marine Drive is a nice place to see at night because the lights resemble a pearl necklace that lines the curved edge of the bay.  We ended up talking there for hours.


One time while Vineet and I were going to eat supper at the hotel, the wait staff said the restaurant was closed for a private function and suggested we attend a free whiskey tasting event in the hotel and they would be serving free food there!  So off we went even though I don’t like whiskey, and sure enough, we walked in and sat down at a table in a room full of people who were sampling 6 types of whiskey.  I recognized a few bottles and then the host did a contest asking if anyone knew what type of dogs were on the Black and White label whiskey and I threw up my hand with the answer!  “Scottish Terriers,” I said and I won a 40 oz bottle of whiskey!  I couldn’t stop laughing because I was the last person in the room who probably wanted it so I gave it to Vineet since he is a big fan and he was super happy 😉 We ate lots of food and it turned out to be really fun and unexpected which is what life is all about sometimes.  Going with the flow and not planning too tight so you can remain flexible.

I wanted to spend my time relaxing in Mumbai before the first big event which was the wedding for my lovely blogging friend Pratyusha!  Karthik, who is another blogging friend from Mumbai was going to be attending Pratyusha’s wedding too so we planned to meet at the Mumbai airport on Thursday, February 9th and go to Hyderabad together and we would meet even more blogging friends at the wedding!  I finally met Karthik at the airport after my phone gave me wifi trouble and that’s when I realized I needed a new SIM card.  Ugh.  Not a simple task this time around.

If you’re familiar with my This Is India 2016 posts, you’ll remember my excess baggage charges and my giant water bottle going through security no problem!  Well, the same things happened again this time, where I had to pay extra for my bags even though I packed lighter this time and my water bottle still managed to sail on through security on the moving belt.  Amazing!  Karthik and I boarded the flight and we were on our way to Hyderabad, excited to see everyone there!

To be continued…..


Much Love ❤




41 thoughts on “This Is India 2017-Part One

  1. Wow Jennifer that adds a whole new dimension to blogging … travelling so far to attend their weddings! And Indian weddings are so over the top I can’t wait to hear more.

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  2. It’s fun reading your travel account, Jennifer. You write very well. Happy to read that you enjoyed Marine drive, the most iconic place in Mumbai. Liquids are always a problem during air travel in India, especially when its a hand baggage. Sometimes, they allow you too if the bottle is of 500 ml, anything above this is a problem. My personal experience is that a lot depends upon the staff too. Some of them stick to rules, others allow some leverage based on how they assess you. Looking forward to your next post on India. Hope you’re doing great on work front. 🙂

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  3. Wow, you’re in my country! 😁 I loved reading that post. They tend to be a bit strict about the liquids rule at times. It’s so hard to pack lightly! Hope you had a great time, dear. Can’t wait to read your next post! 😊

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  4. Yay! Here it is, finally! 😍 A great start, Jen, it was so lovely to read how you enjoyed your flight journey with that couple and had a nice time at Heathrow too ❤ Haha, I remember your excess baggage and your trusted water bottle from last year 😀 Looking forward to reading and knowing more of how you graced Pratyusha's wedding! 😍 Lots of love ❤

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    • Yayy! 😀 Thanks so much for reading it Vineet and for your great comments 😊 It really does feel like it happened yesterday, time flies too fast when you’re having fun. Hope you can make it to Canada one day too 😊 You can practice your French 😉


    • Wow!! Thank you so much for reading my blog about India 😊 You live in a beautiful country. I will have to check out your blog too. Thanks so much for your kind words!! 😊😊

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