Tripping Over Your Soul


The power of words can either lift you up or crash you down.

When they lift you up, it might spark a reflection on how to do things differently, cope better or it could inspire you to do some good in this world, love more, to help someone out or even yourself.  Music lyrics are a great example of how healing words can be.

When words crash you down, they can traumatize, change your life, make you fall to your knees with a haunting cry, and be embedded in your heart, mind, and soul forever.  They can reshape you in a twisted kind of way.

This requires some serious healing.

Not only does this apply to the words we hear from others but to the words, we hear from ourselves.  We really are our own worst critics and it’s time to stop these chatty gremlins from taking over our souls, tripping us up and stealing our joy.

What is your soul?  Based on what I know, which is only my opinion, the soul is the place that never dies inside of us, it’s what carries us through this life, lights us up when we are in the dark, promotes personal growth and development and drives us to make changes based on our past mistakes.  We learn from them because our soul is our life and it is always talking to us through connections with others.  Every connection is meant to help us grow; yes the good ones along with the tough ones.

I recently saw my good friend Judith and we had more inspiring conversations over Thai food.  We talked about when you try to heal from something, it’s like tripping over your soul.  I thought that was a great line because it’s almost like learning how to walk again after an accident.  You’re a bit worried, shaky, not going in a straight line, hanging onto things along the way that maybe you shouldn’t.  You fall, get up, try again and keep going forward.  The trick is not to get in your own way.  It takes practice and courage to do this while all along you think you’re not ready and you are fearful of what lies ahead.  Basically, it shakes your confidence in everything but your soul is the motivator that pushes you to try again because it only wants what’s best for you.  The healing journey is a process and in that process, you will trip, stub your toe, and fall, from time to time, but trust in it.  All of this is normal, and what matters is getting up and showing up.  Always remember, even if you are crawling, you are still moving.

Just remember to move forward and it will all work out when you can accept what happened.

Finding your new path means getting out of your own way, tripping over your soul from time to time and that’s ok.

Much Love ❤


**I hope you are all doing well, my apologies for not blogging as regularly as I have changed jobs recently but things are great.  If you would like to find copies of my book “Winning While Losing:  The Upside of Heartbreak”, it is available at online bookstores worldwide 🙂 I hope you are having a wonderful 2018 so far ❤

22 thoughts on “Tripping Over Your Soul

  1. I think I get you when you say Tripping over your soul 🙂 Ignoring your own soul never helps 🙂 First work inside, mind, heart and soul. Then on outside 🙂 But people generally focus on outside instead of inside.Great message for a Monday morning 🙂

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  2. Great note Jenn…I am happy to be able to inspire you with my line…I probably will also write about it as it happened so many times in my life, hence I frequently state this..Often I realize that ‘I AM IN MY OWN WAY’..does that make sense? All conditions are great, BUT I am in my own way of excelling. This must change and it can only change with intention followed by action! Keep inspiring others…I love what you do and be part of your journey! xoxox

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    • Judith I’m so happy to see you here!!! 😍😍😍 Thanks for all the great conversations and inspiration, it’s always a joy spending time with you 💖💖 I hope you will write about it too and I’m already excited to read it!! Lots of love to you XOXO

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  3. Truer words were never spoken!!! You are so right about songs and lyrics and I really like the image of “tripping over your soul”. Working from the inside and then on the outside is a wise move. I agree with you when you say the soul moves us to do certain things. Many souls have been neglected and need that healing of which you speak. Keep moving but move forward!! Love you Mom

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