Your Hungry Soul


This post goes out to all the people with thirsty hearts and hungry souls…(that includes me)

You’ve heard the saying, “Feed Your Soul,” I know I say it quite a bit myself because sometimes there are days when my soul is so hungry!  Hungry for what?  Something purposeful, meaningful, and inspirational.  Isn’t that what life is all about and why we’re here?

What makes you tick?  Lights you up from the inside out?  That’s what I’m talking about.

One of the greatest things I’ve learned after my divorce is how to stop the insanity and feed my soul.  Things I completely forgot about came back to me, like writing, listening to song lyrics, exercise, and walking beside a body of water.  Whenever I’m feeling blue, these are the things that swoop in and heal me in an inspiring way.  I also discovered new things like reading Paulo Coelho books that are so incredibly written.  He is one heck of a word wizard that’s for sure.  In case of an emergency, cookies are always good too, but not too many!

Then there are the tougher days.  Starvation sets in and no matter what you do, your soul never seems fed or satisfied.  Maybe it’s your job or a relationship that’s keeping you down and confused about your true desires and the search seems endless.   This is when creativity comes in very handy or talking it out with a trusted friend.  Feed your hungry soul and quench that thirsty heart of yours!  Just try to be around people who actually feed your soul and not eat it!  That completely defeats the purpose.

And just so you know, anything soul-sucking needs to go immediately.


One of my favorite author’s and life coach, Danielle LaPorte says we should make goals with a soul.  In other words, strive for the things we desire that make us feel good.  Goals are great but are sometimes too much work if you’re not that interested in them.  Is your goal a should or a want?  Maybe we’re living our lives backward and inside out because if we put our desire ahead of our goal, it would probably be more achievable since we know it makes us feel good in the end.   Follow the pull, not the push.

Other times you have to let go and throw fate into the water and see what happens next.  However, sometimes, even water can’t wash away the pain, but when you’re hungry, you’ll do anything to feed it.  This can be a good sign because that might prompt you to discover a new hobby, change careers, meet an old friend, pray from the heart, or take a trip somewhere new and exciting.  We just want to connect with someone or something that makes us feel good.  What makes you happy?  When you find out, do that as much as possible.

When your soul is hungry, what is your go-to spiritual diet?  What do you crave?

Much Love,

Jen 🙂

P.S:  What better time of the year than to curl up with a book and get inspired 😉  “Winning While Losing:  The Upside of Heartbreak” is available at all online bookstores worldwide, pick up your copy today!! Have a great weekend everyone ❤


22 thoughts on “Your Hungry Soul

  1. Inspiring post, Jennifer. I have come to conclusion that most of our problems relate to relationships. The problem with relations is that they can be other way around than what they are meant to be. Ego, expectations, sucking people make life so difficult. Other problems like money and health too create havoc in our life but human relationships are a different ball game.

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    • Hi Arv, thank you so much for your comments about relationships. I agree with you that they are our biggest challenge in life and also our greatest resource at times. I think honesty goes a long way in every relationship but for some that’s where they have issues unfortunately. Hope you’re doing great and thank you for the retweet! 😊

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      • Jennifer, you are right. I know that’s something we are losing. In the world of instant gratification, we want everything and that’s where the problem starts. Thanks for asking and care, I’m okay. It’s nice to see you back on blogging world after a long time. I’m sure your book and new job must have kept you busy 🙂

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      • Hi Arv, yes it’s been very busy with work and my book. Thank you for your insight with your comments and yes, you are correct in saying that we live in an instant gratification world now. It’s good to take a step back every now and then to analyze where we are at so we can adjust with the changes happening around us.


  2. Great title! Awesome post and quotes! Loved the one related to push and pull 😝 There are many things to do instead of dreading for something for which we never work hard. I am yet to read your wonderful book though! I have read it already before it being published 😎 Feeding our souls is important and football plays a big part in my life.

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    • Hi Darshith, thank you so much for liking the post. I know you’ll read my book soon 😉 That’s awesome you feed your soul with football, its a great sport! Go ManU! 😁


  3. Nice post jen ❤ For me reading is the ultimate savior 🙂 I read as per my mood 😉 also I sometime write down my thoughts to just clear up my mind and mediate to work on my soul 🙂

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  4. You have written so many inspiration posts, but this one may be the best. Never looked at it that way (feeding the soul). But I love the concept. I may have to borrow that for a poem. I will definitely pass on these thoughts to my daughter who has been feeling low recently.

    Your posts are always a breathe of fresh air.

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    • Andrew, your comments always lift me up and make me smile! 🙂 Thank you so much for liking this one the most, I’m very happy to hear this! Please pass on my positive vibes for your daughter and I can empathize with her on feeling low sometimes. I hope she can find some “soul food” and if my post helps her, then I am so very grateful ❤ I'm always happy to see you stopping by here.


      • My pleasure to read your posts. They always fill me with inspiration and warmth. I will pass it on to my daughter. I am thinking about visiting her and having her read some posts from your blogs and others. That may help.

        Thank you. Wish you posted more often. Be well.

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      • Thank you very much Andrew, I have so much gratitude to you. I hope your daughter feels better soon, it’s such an honor to have you show her my posts. Please give her my best and you have just inspired me to write something special over the weekend so you can both watch for that.

        I want to post more often too, my job is keeping me hopping but I’ll have more time soon. Have a nice evening.


  5. Wonderful advice to feed d soul.dear jenny.maditation,reading,writing,n travelling beautiful place can satisfy only hungry soul.i think -only worship of God in temple,mosque or church are not for peace of demands only to love in spiritual way for all universe n human i write ?my solo traveller?🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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