Feel It To Heal It


I used to take the back door of my mind to get inside myself
Logic and endless mind games used to play with me there
Some days I would win, other days I would lose
I always felt like something was missing, but what?

One day I realized I wasn’t walking the right way
So I tried the front door, through my heart instead
That’s where I felt all the emotions and where I really started to live
That’s where I learned so many life lessons, at the heart of being present

You can run but you can’t hide
That’s how the heart works so it can be healed
Embrace, forgive and love yourself so more doors can open in your life
Feel those emotions, all of them

Of course, it will be painful;
But would you rather have short-term pain or long-term suffering?
Sadness is inevitable, but that’s what opens doors and knocks down walls
Better to be temporarily sad than numbing all emotions, good and bad
Bitterness and resentment only keeps people stuck and I wasn’t one of them

As I started to feel all my emotions
I started the grieving process
I felt my heart open wide and began the healing process from the inside out
My mind calmed down and I let my heart take over, trusting this process

I lost count of how many times I fell down
But what I can tell you is that I got back up every single time
Yes it was hard and I have scars to prove it but that didn’t stop me
My focus was on feeling better and to do this was through personal growth and development
Not through avoidance or distraction
For the record, I still fall down these days because I am still learning and that’s ok

With an open door policy and smaller walls to climb
I allowed my support system into my heart
Some days they took over when I couldn’t do it for myself
Gratitude is a small word for such a huge act of love
Each stage of grief was a wild emotional roller coaster ride, but a necessary one

Three years later, I am a new woman
I am not the same person who used to take the back door through my mind
Now I choose to open the front door of my heart with ownership, responsibility, and happiness
All this because I found the courage and chose to feel it to heal it ❤

You can too…

Much Love ❤



**P.S:  All my gratitude to everyone who has read or is reading my book “Winning While Losing:  The Upside of Heartbreak” It warms my heart to hear such wonderful feedback, especially when it helps another person who is going through any loss.  We are all connected and you’re not alone.  To pick up a copy of your own, please visit your favorite online bookstore worldwide or my publisher’s website FriesenPress for several available versions.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone ❤





17 thoughts on “Feel It To Heal It

  1. I feel so proud of you dear 🙂 every time you write about your struggle of acceptance of your own emotions and vulnerability, you open yet another door of your heart towards people who have felt suffering as yours 🙂 Its a great message for everyone of us 🙂 Its ok to accept every kind of emotion but what’s not ok is to remain entangled in loop of those emotions. Keep shining ❤

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  2. Jennifer although sometimes you can see the path but taking that road seems so tough. That first step is all that it takes. I’m glad you took that path and you can look back with happiness.

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    • Thank you very much Arv, your comments always make me smile 🙂 I agree with you that the path is tough to take but it all begins with the first step like you said. I think the more we embrace how we feel, the better we will be in a shorter amount of time 🙂


    • Andrew, thank you so much for your visit and liking my post, it’s wonderful to have you here as always. Your comments are so uplifting to me, you inspire me to write more. I’m doing well thank you, and how are you? How were the two lovely birthdays yesterday? I really hope you had a grand time. Happy Birthday my friend XO

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  3. I am always late but this blog is worth reading and re-reading it always! ❤ The words and feeling and especially the title are wow! Vulnerabilities and our eagerness to accept those and embrace those matters a lot! You have done it well till now and hope you can spread the word and courage to others too 😉 Thank you for giving me Daring Greatly! Love you!

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    • Aawww… love you too Darshith ❤ thank you for all the love and support with my blog, I’m always so happy when you stop by here! That’s wonderful you’re loving the book Daring Greatly, I can see you’re learning alot from it already 😉 Bravo 😍


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