Open The Front Door


I picture your heart as a beautiful house

Yet the back door is the only entrance where I can get in

As if it’s a secret to have me over

Not only that, the opening is small and guarded

I walk in and see the corners where you hide so well

Where things pile up in a mess on the floor

A small glass window fogs up, the closer I get to you

Interesting  how you are just as fragile and tough as the glass

The light shines in as you shut me out

Sometimes you are like the basement; cold and dark

I don’t like it here, I need to get out

Moving upstairs, I see the small dining area

The same place I sat beside you, hearing your laugh, your voice

The cracks on the wall say it all

But the messiest room is the kitchen, you have so much work to do there

Organizing, cleaning, letting go, fixing, how did things get this bad so fast?

Your comfort zone is your bedroom; another hiding place of peace and quiet

Where even more things pile up in a mess on the floor

Waiting to be picked up where you left off

Is everything a joke?

I catch a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror as I pass by

And look at my reflection and ask, “Why am I here?”

I wonder if you know how beautiful your life truly is?

It’s hard to say, but I doubt it

Denial is a strange place to live, but a familiar one for some

Gratitude can change everything if you just looked inward instead

Walking upstairs to the attic, old memories and photos fill the space

I sit there taking it all in as endorphins rush through my brain

Suddenly, I hear a knock and make my way downstairs

Don’t get up I’ll let myself out, I know the way now, thanks

I need  to close that back door and leave

Time for me to open the front door…


Much Love ❤

~ Jen


***I hope you’re all having a great summer and enjoying your time with friends and family.  Life goes by pretty fast, we need to make sure we find what we love to do and do more of it.  Most of all, we need to do that with the people we care about and who truly cares about us.  Have a fantastic weekend everyone ❤

~ Dare To Live Courageously…

Winning While Losing:  The Upside of Heartbreak is still available at all online bookstores worldwide.  All my gratitude to YOU ❤


18 thoughts on “Open The Front Door

  1. People change and people get damaged. It’s hard to see a loved one not being able to find a way out of the labyrinth no matter how often you offer to take their hand. You know the other side of a person and you want that person back. Sadly sometimes you have to leave to save yourself.

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  2. This is so beautiful ❤ comparing the inside of someone’s soul to a house and then moving around as if you are looking into a house, amazing analogy 👏 keep writing love❤

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  3. From what I know, I have not seen such a post from you and the style of writing too, but it was a great post. I thoroughly loved it and the messy house and the back door references. Finally, getting our self-respect together and knowing that we all deserve the front door and moving out was the masterstroke. Loved it, Jen!

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    • Yes, absolutely!! Thank you Darshith for connecting with the post and understanding its about finding self-respect and that we all deserve better. It is a bit different from my usual writing but I’m happy with the response 😍❤


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