Gives Me Life

Last time I saw you, you were standing at the train station in February
As usual on your way, leaving for somewhere else
The bitter taste in my mouth reminds me of that cheap wine
I reach for the letter in my left coat pocket that was intended for you
It reads, “I wish I could have stopped you
Emotionally, I feel anger in the pit of my stomach
As if my personal power was stripped away from me a thousand times
When I think of you, I see the color red; like a bull
We danced between victim and rescuer
Until finally the villain came on the dance floor to play
I carried the heavy load; daily
Yet the two young hearts in my life have consistently been my saving grace
I would do anything for them as I always have, now and forever
Peace is all I ask; for them and for me
I longed to see the color white which felt so out of reach

Until I finally cut the emotional ties that held me back

Amazingly, I feel lighter, happier
I met someone very special
A breath of fresh air, selfless, caring, and dependable
When I think of her, I see the color yellow; like sunshine
I feel comfortable,  serene, content
Happy in my heart and mind
Friends and family see what I see
Sharing is what we do best
It gets better with time, all the time
It feels wonderful to be loved, but even more profound to be understood
I never take anything for granted
Life isn’t perfect
But it’s pretty damn good
I’m a happy man
She gives me life.”

~ Co-authored by Raymond Morris and Jennifer Green. This blog is dedicated to the brokenhearted and hopeful hearts. Enjoy this inspiring song LIFE by Boy George


~ Dare to live courageously…