Career Transitional Coaching

career-transition-300x200[1]      *Career Transitional Coaching*

I assist people to stop the car at their crossroads and start looking at the map.

When people reach a certain time in their life, questions begin to surface such as “Is this career something I really want to keep doing in my life?  Which way do I go?”  By the way, this is completely normal and a good thing.  It allows us to re-evaluate what is important to us and change what is not working anymore.  As difficult as it may be to face this, it is also the silver lining to many other possibilities.

What have you always wanted to do?  Is there a career that has always intrigued you but you put off to a later date?  The truth is, most people wish to make a change in their life but don’t follow through on it because they are afraid of what other people might think.  Wishing will not make things happen and neither will pleasing others.  However, for people with the courage to invest in themselves and create something amazing just for them, the possibilities are limitless.  The fact that you are here already puts you ahead of the crowd because you are focusing on a solution, not the problem.  Bravo!  It’s time for you to step off the sidelines, stand out from that crowd now and create your own legacy.

Did you know that one small shift forward can make a significant positive impact in other areas of your life?  Inevitably, this will also create another small shift moving you off the crossroads and onto the right track that is unique to who you truly are.

Career Coaching is about identifying your goals, values, strengths, and skills.  Personal growth and development will naturally occur and you will realize things you did not even know about yourself and be proud of it.  Now let’s find that map and get started together!  Please click on the Contact Me page and send me an email.

 Here are some questions to ask yourself regarding your career:

Do you think about work even on your days off, especially Sundays?

Is there a career that you have always wanted to do but never pursued it before?

Do you feel bored at your current workplace?

Is it difficult waking up in the morning and going to work?

Do you avoid social events at your workplace?

Are you the person who says “I’m here for the benefits and the pay is good.”  Meanwhile, you dislike your job?

Do you ask yourself “Can I see myself doing this for the next x-number of years?”

Is your company facing some layoffs soon?

Are you a High School, College or University student not sure of which career path to take?

**If you see yourself in any of the above questions, you can definitely benefit from Career Transitional Coaching with me.  I can walk you through what is important to you which will open up several doors and possibilities!  If your career is not right, go left!

How much does a coaching session cost?  With me, it’s $110.00 per session which lasts one hour.  All payments are secured by PayPal please visit the Life Coaching tab on this website, click on the link at the bottom of that page and it will direct you to PayPal.  After that, you can email me and we will take it from there!

I look forward to hearing from you!

***All your information is strictly confidential***


6 thoughts on “Career Transitional Coaching

  1. Very great effort you are putting in, Jennifer 🙂 I really appreciate it. Super. 🙂
    Career is always a important part of life as it sets up the tone for the future. Work occupies a huge part of your life time and it’s important to introspect what you’re doing!
    Self awareness will bring you close to your strengths, weaknesses, thoughts and beliefs. 🙂
    Thank you, Jennifer!
    Smile 🙂 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for your comment Ankit, I really appreciate it. You’re right, career is very important and if it doesn’t align with our values our work seems difficult. Career coaching is about knowing who you are, personal growth and development which is so great. What do you do for work?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yea, you’re absolutely right.
        I am a student 🙂 , still learning. 🙂
        I really find it so nice that you’re someone who is their for people who need this type of help. You’re like a teacher who helps student to take the right path, but you’re also someone who is making people to revisit their daily life and know if it is worth living that way.
        It’s inspirational as well as something which will help out people to cope up with their worries which they keep in their mind.
        Thanks! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Jennifer, I’m glad that you wrote about this one. In India, we often see this trend in corporate world for sure. So many people have quit their jobs and have become entrepreneurs or took sabbatical to travel. All these point to the fact that people are not happy. I’m sure you’ll find many takers for your offer in India, and there aren’t many such coaches out here!

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