Dedication To Future Mothers


She’s a beautiful, caring woman
Supportive friends, family and husband surround her
She’s popular in her work and is loved by all
And like many women, she is longing to have a baby
But is unable to do so naturally; she feels alone
She dreams of babies, sees them everywhere she goes
Reminders are everywhere
Special occasions are difficult especially Mother’s Day and Father’s Day
Friends become pregnant and she celebrates this with them
While she goes home to pray that she will be fortunate like them one day
Every passing month is a roller coaster trying, waiting, disappointment
This doesn’t stop her, it motivates her to keep going
Years of intense fertility treatments go by
And this woman is still standing strong
Yet at the same time, cries herself to sleep at night
Visualizing that tiny face she longs for
People make comments which come across as unsupportive
Behind that smile are layers of pain that nobody understands
It’s a lot to endure over the years when she gives her all every single time
Often in silence with bruises on her body and heart
And no explanation as to why it isn’t happening yet
Everyone is dealing with something difficult
But this is unbearable some days
With every negative test, hope still exists
Her perseverance and determination pull her through to try again
Nothing can stop her
In chasing her dream of becoming a mother
Miracles happen every day
Here’s hoping and praying your miracle comes sooner than later
You are absolutely amazing…


“When you’re going through hell, keep going” ~Winston Churchill


**Note:  This blog is dedicated to all the friends, patients, and women I’ve known and cared for who try so hard to conceive a baby through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).  It’s a scary path these women take, they are Bravehearts through and through and I am always amazed at their perseverance and determination in chasing after their dream of becoming a future mother.  At all costs.

Bravo to all of you and your significant others who stand by your side.

So Much Love,


Be the Rock in the Raging River


Infertility has been defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a disease of the reproductive system and the failure to achieve a clinical pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse.

One in six couples in Canada experience infertility in their lives and that statistic could rise according to the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society (CFAS).

Infertility can result in severe emotional stress where couples often hope each month that they will finally conceive, then feel despair when it does not happen. Men and women experience the stress and grief of infertility quite differently; this can create substantial personal and marital stress. Treatments are physically, emotionally, and financially draining. Stress does not cause infertility but if left untreated, stress and stress hormones can certainly have a negative impact on the ability to conceive.


1. Impairs follicle health and development. Stress reduces the secretion of estrogen from the follicle which reduces the thickness of the endometrium and the fertile mucous

2. Reduces the secretion of progesterone from the corpus luteum in the luteal phase, and thus affects implantation. Stress can cause luteal phase defects.

3. Affects the surge of luteinizing hormone (LH) from the pituitary gland which is responsible for stimulating ovulation.

4. Increases prolactin secretion by the pituitary gland, which inhibits ovarian function

5. Affects the part of the immune system responsible for preventing miscarriage in early pregnancy

6. Negatively impacts many other health concerns which may impair fertility, such as thyroid health, autoimmune conditions, allergic conditions, pcos, endometriosis, and gastrointestinal concerns

The mind and body are connected and hormones that aid in pregnancy are affected when a person is under a significant amount of stress. Therefore, seeking help during such a fragile time is crucial to get the needed support mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Fertility specialists manage the physical side of care and there are many things within a patient’s control to feel better such as seeking out a Fertility Coach, a Psychologist, support groups, reading reputable websites on infertility, acupuncture, practicing self-compassion techniques, meditation or even fertility yoga.  The main goal is to decrease mental and emotional stress to a level that is manageable so the physical self can relax and let nature take its course in hopes of having a positive outcome.

One of the most useful ways to begin your journey to surrendering what you have control over and what you don’t is by cultivating some mindfulness.  This can be achieved by quietly checking in with yourself every now and then, paying attention to what you are thinking and doing in the present moment and by practicing self-compassion, as best you can.  Here are a few examples of how to cultivate your own mindfulness:

  1. In order to live your life fully, you have to be present for it
  2. To be present, it helps to purposefully bring awareness to your moments-otherwise you may miss many of them
  3. This requires a great deal of self-compassion and kindness towards yourself, which you deserve
  4. This is hard but well worth it
  5. It takes a lot of practice, don’t give up, you can do this

With all the emotions and stress moving around you like a raging river during this time, try to be the rock in that raging river to have some more stability in your life.

“Nothing is ever just in your head. Nothing is ever just in your body.  They are intrinsically linked-always.”  ~ Dr. Christiane Northrup

Please feel free to contact me at for your initial FREE 30 minute coaching session.  You are not alone on this journey.    ~J.J.

How Can Fertility Coaching Help Me?

heart-feet[1]    All couples going through IVF want the same thing, a baby.  Understandably, that is the main goal for everyone.  However, because a baby cannot be guaranteed by any service or treatment, a Fertility Coach and nurse can significantly help people struggling with infertility by finding solutions in dealing with emotions and by providing information to navigate the IVF process which will help decrease stress.  My name is Jennifer Juneau and I am a Fertility Nurse and a Fertility Coach who is here to help you.

Some of the challenges infertility couples are facing are within the diagnosis and the IVF treatment itself.  This can be a scary time for people and some have voiced their concerns of feeling alone and confused while at the same time have conflicting feelings of hope and fear.  Difficult emotions are prominent with infertility couples and it is very important to be sensitive to them by offering a safe space and listening to concerns.  Time is not always possible at a clinic but as your Fertility Coach, I will give my 1:1 undivided attention and time just for you and it can even be done from the comfort of your own home.  No need to take more time off work, we can coach by phone Skype.

Stress can affect the body physically and some side effects are sleeplessness, erratic eating patterns, headaches, increased blood pressure and more.  By working with a Fertility Coach and nurse, you will learn effective methods of how to care for yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually so you can cope better during the IVF treatment process and hopefully be able to conceive a baby.

Here are a few other ways where I can help you:

~ As a Registered Nurse with Fertility experience, I have an inside track to the fertility world and I can navigate and educate you through the information where you feel you have gaps

~ As a Fertility Coach, I can support you through the emotions that are making you feel stuck so you can move forward and start having a new perspective that is solution focused with better coping strategies

~ Set goals that are S.M.A.R.T. and begin some action steps in order to get there, one step at a time

~ Identify what is most important to you and what needs to be done in order for you to have that

~ Allow you to find ways that make you feel empowered.  You are not alone on this journey

~ If you need more than what I can offer, I can refer you to a therapist

Coaching is a valuable tool that can help you by putting one foot in front of the other to get results.

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Climbing Mount Infertility

couple-climbing-a-mountain[1]    On January 28th, the “Let’s Talk” campaign by Bell has proven to be highly effective in getting people to open up about the stressful situations they are facing in their lives without the guilt or judgement from others.  It’s not just a mental health day it’s more about taking charge of your life and focusing on the solutions.

My name is Jennifer Juneau and I am a Registered Nurse with Fertility IVF experience and a trained Solution Focused Life Coach who specializes in Fertility Coaching and Health and Wellness Coaching.  Do you or someone you know suffer from infertility?  1 in 6 couples are diagnosed with infertility each and every day.  How stressful is this?  Extremely.  It can also feel very isolating because of the social pressures by “well meaning” family, friends, co-workers and neighbours.  Reality is that you are not alone.  Infertility can also impact one’s career due to all the needed treatment appointments, relationships with friends, family and even with their significant other.  Both men and women experience the same emotions, how they deal with them is what sets them apart.  Financial stress is huge given the fact that fertility treatments are thousands of dollars unless you are treated in Quebec. When couples don’t see this coming, they cannot prepare for it and when it hits, it hits hard.

Does stress cause infertility?  It hasn’t been proven that it is a cause but what can be said is that it can contribute to it.  The mind and body are connected and hormones that aid in pregnancy are affected when a person is under a significant amount of stress. Therefore, seeking help during such a fragile time is crucial to get the needed support in a mental, emotional and spiritual way.  Doctors deal with the physical side but there are many things within your control that you can do to feel better such as seeking out a Fertility Coach, a Psychologist, a support group, reading reputable websites on infertility, acupuncture, practicing self-compassion techniques, meditation or even fertility yoga.  The main goal is to decrease your mental and emotional stress to a level that is manageable so that your physical self can relax and let nature take its course.

The journey of infertility can often feel like a steep climb up a mountain but it doesn’t have to be that way.   I am currently accepting new clients who are struggling with infertility and who can use someone as their guide to get them through their treatments in a well-informed way and has an inside track to the fertility world. Emotions can sometimes get the best of us but as your Fertility Coach in your corner, solutions can be sought out to help you cope.  As a nurse and a coach, I will make that human connection and provide my undivided time and attention you desire and help you find solutions in coping better to get through the IVF treatment process with less stress and anxiety.   The result you will have is the feeling of relief to have someone as your guide who will actively listen to you and have that support you may be lacking.  This will help you relax and get through the treatment process with ease.  Fertility Coaching cannot guarantee a baby, but it can certainly help.  I am available to coach you by phone, Skype, or face to face, no need to take more time off work.  The goal is to make it as convenient as possible for you.  I invite you to please check out my website: or email me at for your FREE 30 minute coaching session.  If you decide you would like to work with me, I offer 3 affordable packages to suit your needs.

I look forward to working with you and getting closer to the summit of your mountain.

Please note that all information is strictly confidential.     ~JJ

In Honour of Fertility Couples

0507030623501waterlilies9321[1]  I have always been inspired by the fertility couples I have taken care of and witnessing how resilient they are.  The determination and perseverance that so many of them possess is incredible.  When someone walks in to a clinic holding their heart and vulnerability in the palm of their hands and then looks to us to fulfill their dreams, this becomes an opportunity for us to offer support, kindness and most of all compassion.  In putting scientific data aside, we have the ability to help them with the realization that they are not alone in their journey and that it is possible to break their walls of despair and start building a bridge instead.  With every failure there is the desire to acquire and with every disappointment there is the reaching out for enjoyment.  Sometimes tears would end up winning but that does not seem to break their sense of hope.  Coping requires time and attention, it is not all about the physical aspects.  Don’t give up!     -JJ