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I assist people in defining their health and wellness goals and how to develop a realistic action plan that is achievable to reach. When people are used to taking care of everyone else, they tend to forget that they count too.  This can lead to stress and burnout both personally and professionally.  It is vital to put your own health and wellness needs at the top of your list and contrary to popular belief, this is not being selfish it is simply taking care of YOU.

Is there a health concern that you need to address but haven’t yet?  Why is that?  Many people tend to think it will go away on its own but in reality, we all know that is not true.  Unmet health and wellness concerns will, unfortunately, affect other areas of your life.  For example, ignoring an emotion or stress will begin to cause wear and tear on your body physically which will then make you feel depressed affecting your relationships and eventually start to chip away at your spirituality.  To have quantum health and wellness which includes the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects, you have to work at it like anything else.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a coach in your corner encouraging and empowering you to find solutions and make those necessary changes you desire?  I am that coach for you so let’s make that list with you at the top and start crossing things off that matter to you!  You don’t have to do it alone I’m here for you as a nurse and a coach.  Please click on the Contact Me page and send me an email.

Here are some questions to ask yourself regarding your own health and wellness:

Are you the type of person who puts everyone’s needs ahead of your own?

Are you someone who has a hard time saying “no” to requests?

What are some of the ways that you practice self-care?

What health concern you are facing right now in your life?

Have your friends and family encouraged you to make a change but you ignore them?

What do you need to quit doing?

What do you need to start doing?

**If you see yourself in any of the above questions, Health and Wellness Coaching with me will benefit you in gaining a healthier lifestyle.  We all have improvements to make in our lives but waiting until everything is perfect or procrastinating about it doesn’t get us very far.  By learning some positive techniques that will inspire and motivate you, changes will take place.  One small shift can begin to change everything.

Please note that I am unable to diagnose a health condition, I am a nurse, not a doctor.  However, I can integrate my nursing background around self-care with the techniques of health and wellness coaching.

The best way to contact Jennifer is at

***All information is strictly confidential***

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