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My First Book Release!

EXCITING NEWS!!  I am happy to announce that my first book titled “Winning While Losing: The Upside of Heartbreak”  by Jennifer Green is now available on all online bookstores worldwide!!  It’s a book about how I navigated my divorce in a positive way from 2015 until now.  It’s not about venting or blaming but it’s about coping, learning life lessons, and taking responsibility for how we show up in relationships.  You can also find it on my publisher’s website FriesenPress


On October 4th, 2017, I appeared on the show “Ottawa Experts” Facebook Live at Rogers TV Ottawa, Cable 22 with Barbara Balfour, Tara Vargas, and Joyce Owen.  The topic was “How To Heal From Divorce” and the hope and intentions are to let people know they are not alone on their journey.



“For Jen…thanks for all the wisdom…

At first, I really did not know what this book would bring me. I knew Jen from LIME and I had some great heartfelt discussions with her and read some of her blogs (The A to Z Challenge blogs were my favorite :-), especially the Zumba one! Thanks for letting me be part of that.

I thought:  “Was this a book about her loss? Her anger?  How middle-aged women live without a man?  About him? Not at all…This book is about how we can grow during our time in this world. How to make sense of what happens to us…the positive and the negative. For acknowledging our mistakes and how to move on and make the best of them after all.

I read it in 4 days, meditated on a lot of what she learned…(every chapter ends with “What I learned” in point form). Some stuff, I was glad to see I had already learned, others I hope I never have to learn, and the most important were the ones I said to myself: “Hum….this one is for you girl! Thanks for the ass whipping, chica!” Some chapters will be re-read for sure.

When I finished reading, it was clear this book was filled with important life lessons that would help me become a better person for MYSELF. We, as women, must learn from each other. I would encourage everyone to read this book. Thank you for sharing. You contributed to making me a stronger woman Jennifer Green. I enjoyed your book, more than words can say!”

~ Sabrina


“This is a beautiful book about conquering your heart for yourself again.  How to see light when you are in a dark tunnel and how to uplift yourself and win your life back again. Jennifer’s journey inspires you on so many levels, as we have all been through our own breakdowns when life seems unjust and everything looks blurry and horrific, how do we overcome our demons and become the hero of our own story. It takes a lot of courage to make yourself vulnerable in front of strangers and put your heart out in a book. She has written it with a lot of heart and warmth. The book is simple and you feel like she is talking to you, opening her wounds, for you to see that light enters through the cracks. The best thing about the book is it never becomes preachy. Nowhere in the book, she forces her learnings on you, instead she just lets you know what helped her and it might help you.I loved reading it. The last line of the book by the author sums up it all “If you lose someone but find yourself, you WIN ” Beautiful and true.”

~ Neerja


“I flew through this book the day I received it.  It was such a quick and easy read and so relatable that I couldn’t put it down.  It’s a great tool for anyone suffering from a loss or a betrayal because it makes you feel like you aren’t alone in your feelings.”

~ Angie


“What do you do when life slaps you in the face?

You do what Jennifer Green did as detailed in her book, ‘WINNING WHILE LOSING – The Upside of a Heartbreak’. You pull yourself up off the floor, you go into survival mode, you pick up the pieces and keep moving forward with your life.

If you think you are going to read about a poor suffering victim – you are not going to find it in this book. This story is purely about survival, and the things you have to do in your life to maintain your balance, and continue to live a happy, successful life.

This book is written from experience, that deals with very complex human issues. Jennifer has made it a very good read, by making the story move forward with ease. This book is loaded with solid advice for people who are met with big challenges in their lives. Jennifer shows us how she dealt with these issues to overcome the emotional pain and mental suffering, without making herself out to be a victim.

Jennifer Green should be applauded for accepting her part in the failed marriage, without complaining about the things that happened to her, and for not trashing the one person who showed her the worst kind of cruelty. She shows us that it takes a special kind of strength to survive this kind of emotional tragedy – because we don’t always choose what happens to us, but, we do choose, what we do about it.

If you need to read a book about deceit and betrayal, and how to deal with it, this is the book for you.

Bravo, Jennifer.”

~ Jack


“In this outstanding book, the author (Jennifer Green) shares her personal, challenging life story, and a spiritual journey to awakening. It is truly inspiring and uplifting as it teaches that no matter how hard life is sometimes we need to get up, reinvent ourselves, and continue finding joy in our everyday life. I admire the author for her courage to stand up for herself, and to find the mental strength to help other women to overcome their hardships and obtain their own, unique voice. Highly recommended!”

~ Galina


“An amazing book from a woman who is unwilling to bow down before the challenges thrown at her by life. She is fragile, she is dreamy, she is vulnerable yet she stood up to the storm and survived with grace. Well, I read somewhere that the eye of the storm is the safest place to be!!!

“Winning While Losing – The upside of heartbreak” by my dear friend, life-coach and author Jennifer Green from Canada is an amazing story of how she kept winning while losing everything she held dear in her life. More than a book, I would call it a journey through the ups and downs of time. Beautifully written, eloquently phrased and well-edited, it is one of those rare books that I am sure I would go back to again and again when life throws some unpleasant surprises at me. I find it really hard to write a conventional review for her work…yeah it happens when you really love a book to the core.

In seventeen chapters and 110 pages, Jennifer Green (Jenni) has given a wealth of inspiring quotes and personal experiences that helped her survive a separation and it’s aftermath. I was really touched by her sincerity and acceptance (my eyes felt moist at lot of places) and was overwhelmed by her decision to travel alone to India in search of solace and answer to a lot of questions and uncertainties. And I am really happy that she not only found the answers but decided to share her experience with the world.

From the very first page, Jenni makes it clear that the pain is real. The agony and suffering are searing. No amount of denial can sooth that. Her writing burns and it is raw. But as we travel through the pages, a sense of optimism sinks in. Time and spirit can heal any pain no matter how deep the scars are. And Jenni has put the shattered pieces together in an elegant way.

“She found the way when she lost her destination…and that’s what makes her journey beautiful”. Flipping through the pages, I couldn’t put it down and finished reading the book in one go. Axing my words at this juncture. You have to read this book to experience it.

This is one of the beautiful quotes I came across in the book – ” The other side of pain is a comfort; the other side of fear is love; the other side of unpleasant is beauty. Keep moving forward and focus on the positive side because what we focus our attention on, we get more of it.”

Keep loving, keep inspiring, keep writing and keep winning Jennifer Green.  Eagerly waiting for your next…” 

~ Srinath


“Jennifer Green shows great strength and courage. When faced with this thunderbolt situation she had no control of. Winning While Losing: The Upside of Heartbreak shares not only what Jennifer had to go through- but also how she managed to turn a traumatic time in her life into a positive one by reclaiming her power. Throughout her journey, Jennifer shares her experience of how she coped and what helped her through. From catalyst to butterfly- Miss Jennifer most certainly shows you how winning while losing can be achieved.”

~ Stella


“Jennifer’s book helped me tremendously on the first days after my ex-husband and I decided to get a divorce. A few weeks later, I can say that it is still helping me and that it still deserves a nice spot on my nightstand! I go back to it to read some parts of this amazing book. During these very tough days, I had to do everything I could in order to keep my sanity. Going outside, sitting alone on the porch and reading “Winning While Losing:  The Upside of Heartbreak” while everybody was still inside the house helped me a great deal. I felt as though it was normal for me to feel this way. Jen always has the right words and really knows how to make us feel better. Reading a few pages every day got me through the toughest part of our breakup. By the time I was about to start reading about her trip to India, Jen’s book became a way of changing my mind which is also a nice way to cope with a breakup. Jennifer’s book is so full of hope! I highly recommend it to anyone who is going through a divorce. This book is so soothing! Thank you so much for this amazing book!”

~ Anonymous


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  1. A book that takes you from a painful event to how you pick up the pieces and change it to a positive. Through her blog and reflection, you see how she handle the situation and how she grew from it.
    Great book!

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