My First Book Release:

I am happy to announce I finished writing my first book!  It’s about how I navigated and coped with betrayal and divorce since 2015 until now.  It’s not about venting or blaming but learning the life lessons and taking responsibility for how we show up in relationships. It is in the editing and creative phases right now and should be released by April 2017!  I will keep you all posted on this exciting venture and I hope you will find it inspiring for yourself and people you know.  Thank you for all your love and support ❤  It truly means the world to me 🙂


Freelancing on Fiverr!

Do you need help with writing articles and blogs for your life coaching business?  I am happy to announce that I am doing content writing related to life coaching topics for people worldwide.

I also offer life coaching sessions through Fiverr for people who wouldn’t normally be able to afford it.

Check out my site!



This interactive Health and Wellness workshop/lunch and learn focuses on coping with stress and new strategies on self-care and wellness.  When life takes over and we spend time taking care of others at home or at work, we tend to forget about our own health and wellness along the way.  If we can adopt the oxygen mask theory where we “put our own oxygen mask on first” we would have the much-needed energy and compassion to care for ourselves so that we can effectively take care of others.

You will learn new coping strategies and coaching tools that can be used right away both personally and professionally in your own balance of health and wellness.  If you or your company are interested in this specialized workshop/lunch and learn, please contact me at  Let’s put YOU at the top of your list and start crossing things off!

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