It’s been a while since I posted a blog but so much has happened in my life these past two months.  In a nutshell, my mom had a 13-hour surgery to remove blood clots from her pulmonary artery that were blocking the blood flow from her lungs to her heart.  She developed post-op complications, followed by a stroke.  A two-week hospital stay turned into a two-month and counting hospital stay and life-changing events.

I had to temporarily stop working to be with my mom and she is in a city 5 hours from my home.  Luckily, I have friends I can stay with and that helps me and my stress levels tremendously.  I am trying to balance everything there and here while practicing the self-care tips I previously blogged about.

Things are more stable now with my mom, she is slowly recovering and will hopefully be discharged from the hospital and transferred to her hometown sometime in January.  It’s been two stressful months of tears and cheers, uncertainty and re-stabilizing.

There was a time when we didn’t know if she would make it or not.  One day I sat by her ICU bed while she was still in a coma hooked up to the respirator and wrote this poem for her while I waited and prayed.

It’s been months I’ve heard you gasping for air
In between endless appointments and tests
Your support system has been incredible as your body slid under the surface
Yet your spirit hovered above it
The human body and mind can compensate for anything
You certainly proved that to us all
After having your surgery with the best doctors, nurses, and all hospital staff
While you lay there, I sit here
Watching you
Amazed at your strength while you are weak
Waiting and praying, praying and waiting
Every day is the day of 10,000 miracles
I see you start to resurface and I am hopeful you can do it
Like watching a diver swim up from the depths of the ocean
So ready to take that first breath of air on their own
While resurfacing…

I love you, mom ❤


Thank you to everyone who supported me in every way, along the way ❤


Book Review: Hope We Never Meet Again


I not only had the opportunity of reading Hope We Never Meet Again, an amazing psycho-thriller novel written by Srinath Krishnamoorthy, but the privilege to follow his blogs in WordPress and meet him in person recently.

Srinath, I’m throwing my hat up into the clouds right now for you my friend!  When we met at the Delhi Airport and you brought and signed my very own copy of your book, it was a moment that I’ll never forget.  Is it true that it’s the first copy to leave India?  Thank you so much for that and for meeting me in Delhi while promoting your book at the Delhi International Book Fair.  Now that I have read it cover to cover, I would like to give my book review for you.

DSC00882                   941040_10153849465839557_5983224730819678058_n

As you know, our friend Darshith was the one who introduced me to you and your book because he gives great blogger and book recommendations for me 🙂  When I first read the sample chapter on Amazon I was hooked and had to have it.  You immediately caught the reader’s attention by breaking the silence and taboos of sexuality and relationships by the way you described the thoughts of desire that naturally run through everyone’s mind.  You carried that “Indian spiciness” throughout the book especially in the last three chapters… Wow!   After having visited India and riding in an auto-rickshaw, Chapter 6 gives the auto-rickshaw a whole new meaning!  No wonder your book is flying off shelves and into the hands of readers who turn the pages like the wind!  Sexuality is a normal part of life but some refuse to acknowledge that.  Pretending it doesn’t exist is unrealistic and unfortunate.  Bravo for speaking up about it all, I was hooked and obviously I wasn’t the only one!

I really liked the way you had different story lines happening with flashbacks and suspenseful twists and turns at the end of each chapter.  There are several life lessons integrated within the book as well like how it’s important to say what you need to say to someone before it’s too late.  And sometimes by taking the wrong path in life is okay because it leads you to the right one eventually.  Most of all, one small shift or decision such as scribbling a phone number down from a bathroom wall can change everything because ultimately it’s our decisions that shape us.

It’s ironic you mention Canada a few times in your book before we even met.  There are no coincidences in life, only miracles.  This Canadian girl gives your book two big thumbs up and I’ve been recommending it to all my friends and family here since I got home after an amazing trip to India!

Srinath I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I Hope We Do Meet Again.  And it looks like we will 🙂  Keep writing, keep inspiring and keep on being YOU.  You are a shining example of how many of us WordPress bloggers can live the dream of becoming an author one day.  Thank you for all your encouragement for me to write my story as well.

Cheers to changing the world, one book at a time!


Much Love,